Fortunately, in Romania we also have a legislation which grants disabled people the right to work and to social integration. Therefore, companies or institutions, which have more than 50 employees, are obliged to have at least 4 % employees who suffer from disabilities. Thus, companies are encouraged to employ people who are usually left out because of several health issues or certain disabilities. Employers who act accordingly, beneficiate from several facilities such as the financial support used to adapt the work place to the special needs of disabled people or to finance their professional training. In case the company/institution is unable or unwilling to employ disabled people, it has to pay the government a specific contribution. The owner of the company/institution has to pay a contribution which is equal to half of the minimum gross wage that each disabled individual should get, if employed.

Another facility offered to companies which employ disabled people is the opportunity to purchase products or services from a protected unit.


There is no excuse for not having the required number of employed disabled people. If a company does not have any people with disabilities employed, they have to pay!

Moreover, if you want to purchase something from a protected unit, you would work with units which belong to certain disabled people’s organizations, such as the one of the Esperando Association! Otherwise you risk paying again everything, including the state taxes, the interest and the penalties. This happens in case the money you have already spent is not taken into consideration during a strict control.

Furthermore, never forget that you are human beings! This means that God gave you a soul and told you to love your neighbor. He did not say to love only those who are healthy and beautiful! On the contrary, He advised us not to pay attention to our neighbor’s face. Therefore, think of disabled people as well, as they could beneficiate from a better life and could enjoy the support they are given.

Sometimes the cheaper things are in fact the most expensive ones!

On the other hand, helping out is so easy to do!

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