Mission / Values

What do we believe in? What is that makes us come here every day and try to make the best of it? What is that defines us as human beings, as an organization?

The mission of the Esperando Association is to make the life of disabled people more beautiful.

Our vision, our final dream as an organization is to be able to live in a world where disabled children have the same chances and the same future as all the other children.

If we manage to reach this goal, then it means our job has ended!

Our logo, motto and dictum is:

Special needs

Special people


We think that this says almost everything about us and about those who we are working with.

The phrase“special needs” is a more elegant term used for disabilities. In Romania after using “handicapped”, “handicapped people” “people with deficiencies”, we ended up using the term “people with disabilities”. But, for example, in England and in the U.S people have been using the term “people with special needs” for several years now. This term does not concentrate anymore on the problems that these people are confronted with, but mostly on what we should do in order to give them the chance to a normal and natural life.

The special people who are connected to the Esperando Association are:

-          Our members, disabled people (or people with special needs!) who fight every single day of their life to be able to utter a word, make a step, sing a note, eat by themselves, and have friends. These are things that to us seem very natural, things that we do not pay very much attention to (perhaps only when we are no longer capable of doing them).

-          The families who raise and take care of these children with unconditional love and huge sacrifices (they are very different from those who abandon their children or their families even if not officially i.e. in official papers), who give them their own health, their love, their soul and even their lives.

-          The specialists and the professionals who work with them and for them, who forget the material side of the world (money, wealth, social positions) who keep on using their knowledge and competence and who offer their soul to these beautiful children whom they look after.

-          The volunteers and all of those who come to Esperando with the intention of giving or donating something and thus making our lives more beautiful. People who do not hide behind hidden intentions and who do not wish harm to anyone.

-          The sponsors and the donors and all of those who find a way of helping us even when they pass through some difficult times. These are people who show to everyone that wishing to live a better life works hand in hand with being a better person, with caring about the others, with giving something in return and thus feeling better.

-          The few real people working in institutions, agencies, or with authorities who have understood at least a tiny part of the pain and the struggle that these children and they families go through and make even the impossible to be there for us. People who did not forget that they are still human beings that they are still our friends, our fellows even if they have a high social position.

-          All of those who contact us and wish to be our partners, our collaboratorsand who wish to work with us and change a little bit the world and make it a better place for all of us, including the disabled people.

special person is a person who tries to put himself in another person’s place and tries to understand how difficult it is for them and eventually tries to do something to help the others feel better.

The values we believe in are:

  1. Love, affection

  2. Commitment and respect for the profession and the beneficiaries

  3. Honesty, receptiveness, transparency

  4. Friendship, equality

  5. Kindness, gentleness

  6. Sympathy, empathy, communication

  7. Recovery, excellent permanent services

  8. Permanent education for everyone

  9. Diligence, perseverance

  10. Equal chances and opportunities

  11. Responsibility and commitment

  12. Flexibility, adaptability

  13. Depth, analysis

  14. Efficiency, maximum use of the resources

  15. Social responsibility and sobriety

  16. Volunteering