Radio TV

Whereas newspapers are documents that are kept over the years, radio and television shows “grasp the moment”. You can either hear or see them  (sometimes you are lucky enough for a show replay) or you miss them! Today’s news is forgotten by tomorrow and new stories appear vertiginously fast. It is only remembered by the spectator or by the one who has been the subject of the news. (It still remains posted on the internet longer than on TV or radio. However, it is erased at one point, in order to make space for other news.).

The Esperando Association has been the subject of many shows or even news on radio and TV. We were presented to the world in a very personal and direct manner bygood reporters, experienced editors and famous television program hosts. It seems to us that words are a lot more important when they are transmitted live. When you are in a live show there is a stronger connection between you and the one who sees or hears you.

Each show or news in which we have been presented was an opportunity to make our work known, to bring the news of our existence and of the problems disabled peoplehave. This was also a way of allowing people to open their hearts and to make the world a better place, by offering the necessary support to those who encounter difficulties because of their disabilities.

We have gathered here some of the shows and news that we were able to save on CDs or cassettes. They also represent a review of the years we have spent with Esperando. They represent a testimonial for the future and are also a visiting card which seems easy to receive.