For over 11 years we have been working to improve the health of children,youngsters and adults who suffer from certain disabilities. We have achieved a great deal of experience and we have acquired impressive knowledge and abilities. As a result, after being influenced by the solicitations of those who know us well, we have reached the conclusion that it would be a shame not to use this expertise and theequipment we have to help other people who do not necessarily suffer from any kind of disability.  Therefore, we have started to offer our physical recovery and psychological services to a wider and different public.

These services are being offered by our specialists at the Esperando Day Recovery Center situated at number 3, Somesului Street, in Baia Mare, next to the city’s synagogue, on the street parallel to 1 Mai Street and Crisan Street.

The physical recovery and body health care services include:

  1. Physiotheray. We have an electrotherapy machine - diadynamic currents, Tens, interferential currents etc. -; a laser therapy equipment; an ultrasound therapy machine; a magnetic therapy machine; Solux and infrared lamps; paraffin gauze dressing equipment; ice therapy etc
  2. Kinesiotherapy / medical gymnastics. The best specialists in town are to be found at the Esperando Center. We do not say that as a joke or just for the sake of bragging!
  3. Therapeutic massage. Even though we had other types of requests ;) we stick to what we know best!
  4. Lymphatic drainage. Once again the hands of our specialists prove to be golden hands.
  5. Reflexotherapy / pressopuncture. We have a very good specialist who is willing to improve your lifestyle.
  6. Craniosacral therapy. Two of our employees are specialized in this domain and the patients ‘response is admirable.
  7. Hydrotherapy. For the moment we are able to offer this service only to small children as we are forced to do so by the limited space we have. Anyway, the effects over the spasticity and motility of the children are outstanding!
  8. Counseling services for the future parents. You are unaware of how many things you do not know and how many things you could find out!
  9. The evaluation of the motor abilities in young children. Having no intention to substitute the doctor, we can be of assistance when giving an opinion about your child’s state of health or about what you should expect/do in case your child suffers from certain disabilities. Sometimes, this means that we are able to dismiss futile fears. Other times, we are able to save years of ordeal and relentless work. It is not at all a game! By tracking down a medical problem in good time, we are able to offer your children a more rapid recovery or even a slight improvement in their health. We are confronted daily with cases where children suffer because their disabilities have not been diagnosed in time.

All these services are addressed to:

  • People who experience pain in the locomotor system;
  • People who have suffered a cerebral vascular accident;
  • People who are to undergo a surgery (the preoperative stage which unfortunately, in Romania is very much ignored, as we do not understand how important it is)
  • People who recover after undergoing a surgery, after suffering an accident or a traumatic event;
  • People who wish to maintain a good muscle tone and mobility, including elderly people who have locomotor problems;
  • Young people who have posture problems, deviations of the spine, or incorrect postures at school or at their work place;
  • People who are to become parents;
  • Fresh parents or parents who notice abnormalities in the development of their child and want to make sure that everything is under control;
  • Athletes who recover from accidents or other traumatisms;
  • People who feel the need to exercise under professional observation – professionals who understand the human body, its movement and the effects of the exercises – and do not want to risk more damage by working out on their own at a random gym.
  • Companies who wish to look after their employees (we have just received a solicitation from the penitentiary for a colleague who has suffered an accident. Things are working out excellent and the progress is remarkable!). A subscription, a few sessions can really make a difference for the employee and represent a huge advantage for the company!

We work under a strict schedule and we respect our clients and the appointment schedule. You will not have to wait long hours or stay in a queue, to bear with the indifference or the insensibility of other people. We understand better than anyone the pain and the needs of those who come to us!

We forgot to mention the prices which are always below the market value. We also forgot to mention the discounts and the free services we offer for those who purchase a subscription for our recovery sessions. Our services also include water, tea, and peaceful music, a pleasant and intimate environment.

For appointments and further information please contact us at our Day Care Center or feel free to call as at: 0262-271580 or 0728-318372.

The funds we get are used to sustain the services at our day care center for disabled individuals!

Therefore, you can regain your health while helping other people who are in difficulty!