We have many things that we can rent such as: an amplification system with speakers, a video projector and a screen; a flip chart with markers and pagesetc.

But the most important and great thing that we can rent is our special tent for events! 800 m2 of chances! It has 20x40 m which canturn into 20x30 m or 20x20 m. The metallic structure, the white rain-proof canvas, the frontal entrance door where even a car could get through, the lateral door for individual access, lateral window “walls” which can be lifted in order to ensure a natural and total ventilation.

These are only a few things that could make an event – organized by a company or by an individual – to become a success and a pleasure! If you do not believe us, you can always ask our friends from EATON Farcasa, who have already rented the tent twice and were not disappointed at all.

As a matter of fact, the citizens of Baia Mare already had the chance of seeing the tent, as it has hosted the first edition of the Rebirth Carnival, which the Esperando Association has organized in 2008. Hundreds of youngsters and adults, as well as spectators entered the tent without becoming too crowded!

We ask you not to forget that each time you rent this tent or anything else from Esperando, you actually put smiles on the children and young people’s faces, people who are very special and remarkable and you make each day of their life, great! Otherwise, they would live in oblivion and indifference! Give joy to your hearts while finding a solution to a problem!