The team

There are many projects (costing a lot of money) which have as a main goal the purchase of objects and the design of the spaces.

For us, the most important thing is, and will always be represented by the people. In order to change the lives of disabled people for the better, we need true professionals, with a great soul.

The team we lean on and the one who passionately works every day for the disabledchildren youngsters and adults is made up of SPECIAL PEOPLE who are truly dedicated and fervent. Before introducing them to you, we have to make a short observation: you will find several names which are repeated. These are surnames and they are actually family! Before jumping to the wrong conclusions you should know that this is not a place where we practice nepotism. In fact it is totally different: one good person brought the other good person with him/her! Sometimes they came together, other times the other one was called and the decision proved to be a good one!

It is overrated to say that the work place is actually some kind of family. Actually in our case it is a family. In fact it is so much more; it is a home, a warm and cosy place filled with concern, with deep feelings and with love, things that give this term such a special meaning.

All in all, let’s now introduce you to those who are in fact the Esperando Association:


Our daycare center specialists:

ValericaFilipasmedical gymnastics teacher

She is a founding member and the soul of the physical recovery area. She is a specialist with over 20 years of experience, requested by all the parents who want their children to succeed and also appreciated by a great deal of important doctors in the country. She has taught all the kinesiotherapists who came to Esperando how to work with the children. She also showed them the difference between the theory they have learned at university and the practice they have to use at the Center. Moreover, she showed them which are the children’s needs and how they should be treated like. She is very fond of children and this is precisely why she could not work with adults. Maybe because the adults would not ask her for a bite of her sandwich, or ask her “Where’s the ham?” and they would not ask for candies or something delicious at the end of the program…


Cristina Talos, kinesiotherapist.

Her experience is doubled by her love for the children. Besides being a specialist in relexotherapy she is also specialized in massage, physiotherapy and animal therapy. She is a professional who knows her job very well. She doesn’t mind that her hands hurt her after long hours of pressopuncture. She even came from her maternity leave to work with the children and adults that neededreflexotherapy. Some of them feel so good that they would purr like a cat if possible. Others feel so relaxed that after just a few minutes of being massaged by Cristina’s magic hands they have a nap and their parents cannot wake them up if they want to take them home…


Monika Ardelean, social worker.

She is a veteran here at the Esperando Association, although she is very young. Every year she spent her vacations from university, working as a volunteer at Esperando. Afterwards, when she graduated from university, she knocked at our door and we were happy to receive her among the children, here at the center. She is the coordinator of the center, she also deals with the activities outside the center and she is an organizer for formative programs belonging to the POSDRU project, which we are now elaborating. She divides herself between the children, the parents, the administration and the projects in our center. In order for her to achieve all these things she needs not only professionalism but also a great deal of love and strength!


FloricaIamborclinical psychologist.

She arrived here with us after attending a course we have organized within the POSDRU project. She is the living proof that nothing is random in life. After a short period of time she gained her place, the respect and the love of the children, of the parents and that of her colleagues. She is a wonderful person with a great heart. Her results are spectacular! She soon became a person on which the children, the adults, the parents and her colleagues could count on. They often ask for her help and advice.


Ana Traista, caretaker.

Eventhough she is not specialized in anything, she has been with us for over 9 years and she is like a second mother for most of the children. They tell her when they are hungry, she helps them go to the bathroom, she helps them get dressed, she sings to them and she plays with them. She is a very special person because she understands their difficulties and loves each and every one of them. The children love her as well and they are all like a huge family.


Claudia Breban, social worker.

She has learned here at Esperando but her love for the children is something she brought from home. The children always felt that about her. They are always expecting her at the center. She is hardworking and honest. She has joined Bogdan, and now they are both visiting the disabled patients at their homes, always offering their support. We are so glad to see her evolving after all these years and we are also glad to see how she has grown up since she had her second baby. She is definitely a trustworthy person!


 HoriaCostin, in charge of the transport.

He has not joined us for a very long time. He even had the chance of trying big things but he quickly gave up on those! In a very short period of time he managed to gain the children’s love and his colleagues’ friendship. His love for the cars is accentuated by the pleasure he takes in learning new things and knowing as much as possible. So, he not only brings the children to the center with our special bus, but he also takes pictures, videotapes, produces movies for our special festivities, is in charge of our online store and mends broken things. He is a good man who is not aware of how good and valuable he is. But we have plenty of time to tell and show him that!



Ildiko Zelencz, psychologist

She does her work with a great deal of love and commitment. She is so dedicated to what she does that she opens her heart to the children and shares their emotions and feelings. She is hardworking, very considerate to those around her and she is always willing to help. She has many ideas and plans and little by little we will be able to make all those plans come true for the sake of the children, of their parents and for all of those who come to Esperando and represent in fact Esperando!



The professionals from the office

Daniela Savus, office manager.

She is the first to say “Hello” to those who come to Esperando or call us. She is in charge of the administrative tasks in our office and she also deals with the bills and our relationships with the institutions. She made a huge change in her career when she came to Esperando and she has learned a lot ever since. The administration board and her colleagues are counting on her for many things. She also has a great deal of potential which is expected to grow!


Eva Boros, responsible for the economic activities.

She is the mother of a disabled little girl and she knows that the Association is able to function as long as it has the necessary resources. Therefore, she is always calling someone or writing something on the computer, taking care of the bills, the incomes, the deliveries, the orders and the tasks that deal with the economic part of the Association. The documents that she has to take care of are not at all easy and few. Whether it is about a project or something related to the protected unit, they are all important to her! And to us!


 Mirabela Kalmar, social worker, adviser.

After working for a while at Esperando, she went to other places. Then she came back having more experience and more understanding over the life matters. She is the main person involved in the POSDRU project, which involves the activities with the beneficiaries. This impliesregistering them, counseling them, informing them, finding them a place to work and supporting them in their attempt to find a job. She works a lot, she always has something to say and she is always ready to work!


Carolina Hoblea, jurist.

Our girl from Bessarabia knows the law! We gave her a lot of hard work, without giving her time to adjust to her first job here in Romania! She is thorough and reliable; she does her job even when she is not fond of acquisitions or receiving products. Moreover, each time she visits the children at the Center they are very happy to see her. We don’t know what she uses to captivate them! Or maybe it’s them who captivate her as they have managed to make her have her own baby!





The administration of the Association

AndradaCraciun, President.  

Although the book says that she should only attendrepresentative sessions as the president of the Association, she is here with us, every day, in her office or in the center. She has the ambition of a lion which is doubled by her desire for hard work and an energy which seems not to have an end.

She has been the heart of the Association before it really began its official existence. She is the one who doesn’t allow things to slow down or to be done by halves. She is the mother of a young disabled child and therefore she is best satisfied when things are doing great. That is why she is always present here at the Association, looking for solutions, of new methods or ways of progressing in our work with the children. She is the one to impulse and constraint the others to wish for better things and better results. Her role in the association is not yet recognized by all of those who know her. That is why everybody says that when things work smoothly it all seems pretty easy from the outside world.


Emilia Costin, Financial manager.

She is an example for her younger colleagues. She is known for her experience, her sobriety, her lucidity and her honesty. She has been a wizard with numbers here at Esperando since the beginning of our activity and she knows best how to deal with audits and balance sheet. She juggles everyday with different tasks and she always gets her work done. She teaches the youngsters her job and she is priceless to the team. She knows how to control the burst of the young ones when they are too impulsive and she also knows how to stimulate creativity and cool down things. She is very committed to her grandchildren and to the Association and only God knows how she pulls it through.


Daniel Filipas, Executive manager.


The giant with the heart of a child” – this is how a journalist called him (but don’t tell anyone! Nobody should know about it!). He has finally found his place and his calling here at Esperando. Here he feels better than anywhere because he does what he enjoys doing and has the satisfaction that his work is appreciated and important for those who work here every day. He has found his love and never gave up, not even when everything was against him or everything was on the verge of collapsing. He thinks of the Association even when he sleeps at night, he wakes up still thinking about it. He is always concerned with things that should help the children feel better and the Association work better. Even when he is on leave he comes to the office as if he was magnetically attracted to the center. He always learns new things and searches for answers to his questions (even though, at times, he only finds new questions). His love for these children, his desire of seeing them smiling and seeing the light in their eyes is only equaled by the satisfaction of his work and that of his results. He is very touched when he sees their parents crying and when he shares moments of happiness and achievement with his colleagues. He is always thinking whether he has done enough and of the fact that this world is not enough for the things he has yet to offer to it. Thousands of thoughts, plans and ideas are waiting to find their place in this world.