The newspapers have been our most generous friends in the press. This could have been because of the fact that they have more space and maybe because our message has been absorbed easier by the written press. The newspapers don’t really chase the sensational that much as the other medias and they can therefore, make more place for beautiful and kind things which keep happening in the community.

The written press has been our witness, the analyst of our activities and the messenger of disabled people. They transmitted our messages to the public and to the community.

And we, in our turn, were the witnesses to the appearance, of the growth, of the decadence or even the disappearance of certain newspapers or publications and even to the appearance of a new species: that of the online newspapers/publications.

How was Esperando perceived in the written press? How were disabled people perceived by the community through the eyes of the newspapers?

You will find here a part of the articles, the news and the images in which Esperando got out of its comfort zone, where it was surrounded by its members and specialists and got in front of thousands of people and eventually into their hearts!

It will be an interesting journey; we can assure you of that!